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Home Buying Secrets That Realtors Don't Wants You To Know
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Other Realtors do NOT want you to know this (this takes money out of their pockets and into yours)... 

What every home buyer needs to know to save thousands of dollars in fees and closing costs.
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Home Buyer Rebates in Houston, TX
Imaging saving up to 1%... 1.5%... or even 2% off the price when you buy your next home!
Learn how to get the best deal and save up to an additional 2% when you buy your next home in Houston, TX.
"Win-Win" Home Buyer Rebate Opportunity
Providing 5 Star Service at Significantly Lower Prices
Specializing in the Greater Houston area and surrounding counties serviced by HAR (Houston Association of Realtors)
Yes! Tell Me How To Save Money
I Want To Save Thousands Of Dollars In Home Buying Fees, Closing Costs, And Commissions Now!

Learn the "Secret" other Realtors will not tell you to save thousands of dollars on closing costs, moving expenses, and home buying fees. (Hint: This takes money from Realtor's pockets and gives it back to their clients)

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Who Pays Commissions When You Buy A Home?
Have you ever thought about who pays commissions when you buy a home?

How do real estate agents get paid?

What are all the Realtor fees when you buy a house?
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Buying a House is Expensive!
On average, home buyers pay between 4% - 6% in closing costs and commissions in addition to their down payment.
Wouldn’t it be nice to save thousands of dollars, and still receive great service?

Our unique "Sliding Scale" Buyer Rebate Program is the ultimate Win-Win home buyer program.

Cash rebates save buyers thousands of dollars. No upfront fees, ever. No risk or long term contracts.

Be able to schedule property tours to all the homes you need to see in order to make a decision on what home you want to buy.

Receive 5-Star Buyer Broker Representation to make sure your home buying experience is a smooth and stress free process.
Buyer Rebates = Win-Win
It's a fact, rebates will save buyers money.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division website, "Rebates can save consumers several thousand dollars in a single transaction. For example, if a broker offers to refund one-third of its commission to the home buyer, the average buyer of a $300,000 home could save $3,000 (based on the 3% commission rates typically earned by the buyer’s broker).
"Win - Win"
When real estate agent's compete for business and offer rebates and incentives, this will allow the buyer to save money.

The real estate broker is happy to have made a sale and this helps out their business. The buyer client is happy to have bought a house at a great price and saved money on fees.
Time = Money
Wouldn't you agree someone should be fairly compensated for their time?
So why is it that real estate agents would get paid the same 3% if they showed the buyer only 5 homes vs 50 homes?
Wouldn't it make more sense if a real estate agent got paid less if they showed less homes, and got paid more if they showed more homes? 

Doesn't a "Sliding Scale" commission structure sound more fair? "Win-Win"
Win-Win Real Estate
Commitment to Customer Service and Client Success!

We hold our client’s interests above our own. It’s not about making a sale, it’s about building a long term business and long term relationships.
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David Edgerton, REALTOR®
Broker Associate, GRI
All City Real Estate
TREC License # 0635655

What is a Home Buyer Rebate?
  • Historically, buyer's agents get paid a commission that is based on a percent of the sales price (3%). With an increased usage of the internet websites in the real estate industry, the old commission structure seems old fashioned and extremely costly for buyers.
  • Most buyers can find their own house themselves by browsing the internet and driving around the neighborhood. It is very likely that today's buyers can gather a "Top 10" list themselves, and their ultimate home they choose will be on their list.
  • An agent who offers buyer rebates is essentially any Realtor who is willing to charge less than the status quo, and provide a "kick-back" or cash incentive to the buyer. In this day and age, doesn't it just make sense to consider a Buyer Rebate Agent?
  • The price of homes have increased quite a bit over the last few decades, so why is it that real estate agents deserve to get a larger commission when they do less work?
  • Working with me, you will receive all of the same services of a traditional brand name full commission real estate agent, but my services are significantly less expensive.

What Clients Are Saying....

David is an outstanding agent. Very thorough in answering questions, doesn’t rush the process, and negotiates the best deal possible. We’re thrilled with our new home!
Katy, TX
Best realtor agent in Houston! Truly a man of his word, very professional and friendly ... we are super detail oriented and he was above and beyond in every single detail in our house ... very patience and his skills to sell and buy houses are amazing.
Tom and Gerardo
Inner Loop, Houston, TX
David helped at every turn of this process. Went through changing locations and even changed the style of place I was looking for and David had the knowledge and expertise for each location. I have a new home thanks to him - and I love it!
Inner Loop, Houston, TX
This is the second time I have used David for my real estate needs. I would definitely recommend David. He takes a personal interest in the project. He is always quick to respond to any questions or concerns.
Spring, TX
Up to 2% Cash Back
Home Buyer Rebate Program
Full Service Buyer's Agent in Houston, TX and surrounding counties serviced by HAR (Houston Associate of Realtors)

Why we are different...
  • Remember: This is a Full-Service buyer program with No Upfront Fees. This means that buyers will receive the exact same level of service, professional representation and extensive MLS tools just like working with a brand name full commission broker.
  • This is NOT a Limited-Service Agreement like For Sale By Owner or other discount internet services with no support or accountability where a seller and buyer are left with no help or guidance.
  • Our clients appreciate working with a full-time, independent, experienced agent with a focus on communication, professional representation, and providing the best possible service at a great price.
  • Working with me, you will receive all of the same services of a traditional brand name full commission real estate agent, but my services are significantly less expensive.
Yes! Tell Me How To Save Up To 2%!
Learn the "Secret" other Realtors will not tell you to save thousands of dollars on closing costs, moving expenses, and home buying fees.
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David Edgerton, REALTOR®
(281) 827-3051
TREC License # 0635655
Member of HAR, TAR, and NAR

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